Our Facilities


The Qualcomm Ubiquitous Swarm Lab at Berkeley, a research unit of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at The University of California, Berkeley was opened in December of 2011 and located at 490 Cory Hall. Catalyzed by a generous donation from Qualcomm the facility was designed to combine open collaborative forum spaces and quiet personal workspaces in a reconfigurable environment. The site has two full development labs, a large collaboration/presentation space, conference areas, and three staff offices. It supports approximately 45 graduate students, 10 faculty, 3 technical, and 1 administrative staff. The Swarm laboratories are state of the art facilities whose focus is to provide an environment for the testing, debugging, and characterization of "Proof of Concept" prototypes in support of the research program of the lab. The laboratories support 14 test benches and 1 soldering/rework station. Each bench contains independent circuits and network connections. These features ensure the ability to use several test setups and multiple test equipment at each station. Laptop computers are available for use on each bench. The benches have a modular design to ensure flexibility in accomodating a wide variety of test equipment as needed for different test setups.

The center's computing infrastructure for research and development relies on a network of LINUX, Solaris, and Windows based workstations and PCs. These machines are interconnected using a switched network of 100Mb/sec ethernet and WAN technologies. A central machine room houses Sun and Dell servers as well as RAID file servers. The center has access to an extensive suite of CAD tools for the design of complex circuits and systems.

Pister Lab

Boser Lab