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Swarm Lab membership provides access for member companies to faculty and graduate students involved in a large interdisciplinary research effort which seeks to foster the creation and distribution of exciting applications of large swarms of sensors and actuators through the adoption of an open and universal platform.

Members also benefit from the external collaborations of the Lab. The Swarm Lab is all about integrative research - making swarms a reality through the creation of an open platform vision. To this end, the lab works closely with other leading Berkeley labs (CITRIS, BSAC, BWRC, TRUST, RISElab, BIDS). It is driven by a set of application domains carefully selected based on research challenge, faculty and company interest, and potential global impact.

Benefits Include:

  • Direct access to Swarm Lab faculty and their graduate students

  • Opportunity to send one industrial researcher from NEC Corporation to work at the Swarm Lab as a part of our research team

  • Open access to all research projects within the Swarm Lab iCyPhy/DDS Theme

  • Priority access to students for internships and fulltime employment

  • Attendance at Swarm Lab semi-annual theme and plenary research reviews

  • Early access to new web publications including new journal papers, conference presentations, retreat presentations, thesis and seminar webcasts

  • On-site faculty briefings

  • A seat on the Swarm Lab Board of Advisors

  • Attendance at the Berkeley EECS Annual Research Symposium (BEARS)

For more information, please contact:

Ken Lutz
Executive Director, Swarm Lab

Swarm Lab Membership Brochure: