Prof. Pister's Research Featured in "Microrobots Fly, Walk and Jump into the Future"

November 26, 2018

Swarm Lab Director and Electrical Engineering Prof. Kris Pister, his graduate student Daniel Drew, and research being done in the Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center (BSAC), are featured in a Berkeley Engineering articled titled "Microrobots fly, walk and jump into the future."  Pister and his team continue to develop microrobots that can walk, jump, or fly. Roughly the size and weight of a postage stamp, micro-robots consist of a mechanical structure, propulsion system, motion-tracking sensor and multiple wires that supply power and communication signals.  They evolved from Pister’s invention of “smart dust,” tiny chips roughly the size of rice grains packed with sensors, microprocessors, wireless radios and batteries. Microrobots applications seem to be almost endless due to its potential versatility and affordability. Pister likes to refer to his microrobots as “smart dust with legs.”  “We’re pushing back the boundaries of knowledge in the field of miniaturization, robotic actuators, micro-motors, wireless communication and many other areas,” says Pister. “Where these results will lead us is difficult to predict.”

Berkeley Engineer