Professors Claire Tomlin and Ana Arias Featured in "Case Studies in Forward Thinking"

November 7, 2017

Six EECS faculty including Swarm Lab directors Claire Tomlin and Ana Arias are recognized in a Berkeley Engineering news article titled "Case Studies in Forward Thinking". Working at the interface of technology and society, each engineer shared some of the groundbreaking work taking place across the college and their visions for the future.

Goal-oriented Peter Abbeel's vision of the future is one where machines are learning responsibly and more artificial intelligence developments. Claire Tomlin, envisions advancements in airspace management, such as intelligent robots knowing how to safely react in dynamic situations and deliver packages on time. Alexandre Bayen analyzes transit data trends where he hopes in the future, data will be used to reveal the unobservable. Ken Goldberg anticipates a future where humans and dexterous robots work together to refine their respective skills and expertise. With computational imaging in mind, Ken Ng's vision of the future is one where better optics - integrating both hardware and software - improve everything from computer vision and medical diagnostics to family photos and immersive entertainment. Lastly, Ana Claudia Arias visualizes a future where devices can conform to our bodies and are built to change how medical diagnostics are performed by producing high resolution images while providing a comfortable experience.