Prof. Rabaey Keynote Speaker at Singapore IEEE World Forum 2018

Prof. Rabaey presented a keynote at IEEE WF-IOT 2018(link is external) in Singapore on February, entitled the “IoT++: The Living Network of Everyone and Everything”. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) or Swarm vision, formulated more than 2 decades ago, presented a transformational model on how the physical and cyber worlds would be interlinked, enabled by a network of trillions of motor-sensory nodes distributed throughout our physical world. Many of the envisioned concepts are now truly happening, and are migrating into the consumer, commercial and industrial domain.

A new leap forward is about to happen. While the current incarnation of IoT is rather static, moving entities such as robots, drones, cars and UAVs are becoming more ubiquitous, forming networks that are far more dynamic. Even more, miniaturization of motor-sensory functions enables the Swarm to encompass the human body (“The Human Intranet”) opening the potential of true augmentation, and fundamentally changing how we humans interact with ourselves and with the world around us. The resulting networks of everyone and everything create entirely new options in so many areas such as human-machine interaction, augmented reality, tactile inter-networking, distributed manufacturing and smart cities.