John Kubiatowicz


Global Data Plane


As we discuss in a recent paper: The Cloud is not Enough: Saving IoT from the Cloud, the widespread practice of constructing Swarm applications by directly connecting with the cloud comes with a variety of downsides. With the GDP, we seek an infrastructure that enables important new use-cases for the cloud while still integrating smoothly with existing Cloud infrastructure.


The Global Data Plane (GDP) provides a data-centric glue...

Swarm Box

Just as there has been a dramatic build-out of wireless communication infrastructure over the last decade or so, there will be a similar build-out of more capable infrastructure that we call the “immobiles.” These are compute and communication nodes that provide vendor-neutral gateways between local devices and services (accessible via local wireless or wired networks) and a hierarchy of computing and networked services including the cloud. Such an infrastructure extends the cloud by giving it a presence close to the end devices that interact with the physical world (a vision that Cisco...

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