Michel Maharbiz


An Implantable Microsensor for Cancer Surveillance

We aim to create an implantable dosimeter for the Crocker Nuclear Laboratory’s proton beam therapy treatment. Currently, there is no closed loop solution to verify the dose treated to a specific in vivo location. By using ultrasound as a communication platform, we aim to enable real time in vivo dose readings to physicians. This can lead to better-localized irradiation treatment of cancer, and minimize irradiation to vital, healthy tissues.

Fabrication and Microassembly of a High-Density Carbon Fiber Neural Recording Array

We present a 32-channel carbon fiber monofilament-based intracortical neural recording array fabricated through a combination of bulk silicon microfabrication processing and microassembly. This device represents the first truly two-dimensional carbon fiber neural recording array. The five-micron diameter fibers are spaced at a pitch of 38 microns, four times denser than the state of the art one-dimensional arrays. The fine diameter of the carbon fiber microwires affords both minimal cross-section and nearly three orders of magnitude greater lateral compliance than standard tungsten...

Impedance Spectroscopy Sensor to Monitor Bone Fracture Healing

An estimated 15 million fracture injuries occur each year in the United States, of which up to 20% result in delayed or non-union. Current methods of monitoring include taking X-rays and making clinical observations, but radiographic techniques lag and physician examination of injury is fraught with subjectivity. There is a lack of consensus in how to assess the extent of healing that has taken place in a fracture, revealing the need for a diagnostic device that can reliably detect non-union in its early pathologic phases. Electrical impedance spectroscopy has been used to characterize...